Tutorial: French Twist Updo

The French twist updo: Most of the time I tend to gravitate towards soft, tousled updos that can work in a number of different social situations - anywhere from a weekend wedding, to work, to a night out on the town. However, sometimes an occasion calls for a more elegant hairstyle, and the french twist updo is a great example of a classic hairstyle that can really enhance a more formal look. Many people think the french twist is the type of style you can only get in a salon. Although it takes a few tricks and a little bit of practice, I know it's something you can do on your own at home with the help of this video.


To pull off a french twist updo, you'll need some bobby pins, some medium hold hair spray and a brush. Watch the video to learn more!


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Photography and video by Clayton Arnall, Hair Model: Shana Albrecht


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